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Benefits of Dolphin Therapy

Dr. Laura Tanzini

Dolphin therapy began in the 1970s when Betsy Smith, an anthropologist, noticed the therapeutic effect dolphins had on her mentally disabled brother. Dolphin therapy has been used for years to help children who suffer from autism. Other areas where dolphin therapy has been beneficial include children with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The best treatment centers for depression include dolphin therapy as part of their treatment for depression and anxiety.

Why Dolphins?

Dolphins are intelligent animals. The size of their brains in comparison to their bodies is second only to humans. They respond to hand signals and motions. They have empathy and been known to help humans to safety. Like humans, they mourn their dead. They’re gentle and friendly. Therapists work to foster the social interaction between humans and dolphins.

Benefits of Dolphin Therapy

Here are just a few ways that dolphin therapy benefits individuals recovering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health issues:

      • Stress reduction: Being around dolphins and interacting with them in the water relieves stressors that affect mental health.

      • Calmness: People experiencing anxiety and PTSD find that the soothing nature of being around these peaceful mammals continues to induce feelings of calmness and focus even after the therapy session ends.

      • Sound therapy: The sounds that dolphins emit during the therapy sessions have a profound impact on one’s well-being. Scientists believe these sounds influence heart rate, breathing, memory, and even immune function.

    • Confidence: Working with large aquatic animals in a controlled setting improves confidence. When patients feel more confident in their abilities to handle even small situations, such as feeding a dolphin, this spills over into their everyday lives

    The Ripple Effect of Dolphin Therapy

    Since its discovery, dolphin therapy has emerged as a calming experience individuals grappling anxiety, PTSD, and depression.

    The unique bond formed between humans and dolphins not only fosters a sense of calmness and stress relief but also emboldens individuals with newfound confidence, impacting their lives far beyond the confines of therapy sessions

    Dolphin Therapy at Kinder in the Keys

    Kinder in the Keys offers a dolphin swim at the end of your programming. It’s a fantastic way to cap off a treatment that will leave you feeling refreshed and reborn. Contact us today to begin your journey at Kinder in the Keys.