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At Kinder in the Keys, we believe that the story and journey of every woman is unique. As one of the only non-substance abuse inpatient mental health facilities in the country, we are dedicated to helping women live healthier lives by providing clients customized, safe and holistic care.

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Our compassionate care team works 24/7 to create a safe and secure atmosphere that promotes reflection and recovery.

Kinder in the Keys residential center is located in Key Largo, FL and provides personalized client care. Our inpatient mental health facility locations provide clients with a high-quality care environment to foster renewal, restoration and healing. Treatment centers are located on Ocean Boulevard with nearby access to the beautiful waters of the Florida Keys and a range of unique amenities.

We understand and respect that the decision to seek treatment for mental health issues is not easy for our clients. The commitment to rebuild and restructure life is an intentional choice and one we deeply support. As a partner, we work with clients to establish healthy routines, life skills and coping strategies that encourage independence.