Healing One
Heart at a Time.

At Kinder in the Keys, we believe the stories and journeys of every woman are unique. As one of the only non-substance abuse inpatient mental health facilities in the country, we help women live healthier lives by providing customized, safe and holistic care.

Our Treatment Programs

We have an innate understanding of the spectrum of women’s mental health needs.

We specialize in trauma recovery, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other mental health-related challenges. Our inpatient mental health facility in Key Largo, Florida offers treatments that address the mental, physical and emotional needs of adult women.

Our location allows us to serve clients distinctive treatment offerings, including dolphin therapy* and organic food service, alongside versatile hands-on programming.

By focusing on pathways for restoration and renewal, our goal is to help clients heal one heart at a time. Kinder in The Keys Specializes in the Following Types of Clinical Therapies:

Note: Due to COVID-19, dolphin therapy is not currently offered.

Depression Treatment

Depression can impact women of all ages, race and socioeconomic status. Our depression treatment center empowers women with their emotional, physical and mental wellness journey with an array of support services.

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Anxiety Treatment

While anxiety is part of everyday life, it should not be a controlling force. Experiencing feelings of fear, unease and worry – episodic or ongoing – can be crippling. Our inpatient mental health facility offers specialized care to help you break the cycle to regain power over your life.

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All Treatment Programs

We specialize in trauma recovery, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other mental health-related challenges.

All Treatment Programs

“Kinder in the Keys was a Godsend to me. Their personalized approach to healing was unique, creative, and customized unlike any type of therapy I’ve ever had. The staff led the therapy sessions with such compassion and insight, that I felt comfortable sharing things that other therapists hadn’t pulled out of me in over ten years.”

“My overall experience at Kinder in the Keys was life changing to me. The treatment center was phenomenal in different ways. The program overall was amazing as well as the facility and staff. I couldn’t ask for better staff to help me in my recovery and treatment.”
“The Team at Kinder saved my life. This place is serenity in a world of chaos. We not only worked on our minds but our bodies through integrative nutrition therapy and yoga as well as water aerobics.”

“Greatest experience ever! The staff really pushes us to be better and address whatever issues keeping us stuck. It’s tough sometimes but the most amazing outcomes blossom from hard work. The facility is beautiful and the yoga, nutrition, and activities are just what we need to help make us feel better. Oh and the Dolphins!!!”

“I would recommend Kinder to virtually anyone in crisis to heal and discover their true and deep value. She earned my trust many years ago and has never wavered from personal honesty and speaking the truth.”
“I can’t say enough about Kinder In The Keys. I was a patient for a couple of months & I can honestly say it saved my life & my marriage. The therapists are some of the nicest, intuitive, creative professionals I’ve ever encountered (and I’ve been in therapy for a long time). The facility is beautiful, everyone on staff was so nice & comforting. Kinder truly saved my life.”
“Kinder in the Keys is a beautiful facility, and the staff are professional, and truly care about the clients. My experience there was amazing. I left feeling like there was hope, a light at the end of a lifelong dark tunnel. I would sincerely recommend  Kinder in the Keys for trauma recovery.”
“Kinder in the Keys is amazing!! You get lots of one on one time w/ the psychologist, many small groups & personal time to reflect. The property is beautiful, clean & peaceful. The pool is so inviting I just wanted to stay in it all day! I loved that there are lots of extras too, like yoga, clean eating, manis/pedis, and field trips into nature. I would definitely recommend Kinder in the Keys to everyone!”
“I am grateful to Kinder and the staff for guiding me in learning to live in a world without my son. I have been provided with tools to allow for the healing to begin and to change my mindset and outlook on life. I would recommend this treatment center to anyone who is in need of help in healing or recovery.”
“Kinder in the Keys saved my life. They gave me the therapy, support and tools I need to be successful and happy with my life. I have been given so many gifts and so many chances. Other facilities I have ‘checked into’ have focused on dual-diagnosis, have been co-ed and have not helped. Kinder in the keys has only 6 (female) residents at the most and only have our best interests and our health (mental and physical). “
“I was at KIK, inpatient, for four weeks and will be forever thankful to Kinder and every single staff member for helping me want to live again. I was in treatment for depression, anxiety and trauma. I struggled for many years and lost all hope when my son was killed earlier this year. After intensive treatment & hard work I finally feel alive again and am excited about the future! I know everyone at KIK helped make this happen. I truly don’t understand the accusations in the negative reviews…they are so far from what I experienced they are unbelievable.”
“It’s been four months since my daughter returned from Kinder in the Keys where she was in treatment learning how to deal with her PTSD, depression, anxiety and disordered eating habits. Finding the best place to send her was a difficult process. After a very negative experience in Phoenix we knew we wanted a facility that did not have its focus primarily on drug and alcohol addiction. My daughter does not have drug or alcohol issues and it was counterproductive to have her go to a place where she would be faced with that type of rehab on a daily basis. The focus at Kinder in the Keys was ideal for her needs. She was there approximately sixty days and the day I picked her up she was a totally different person from the broken soul I dropped off. “
“My sister went to Kinder in the Keys for a few weeks. when she admitted she was lost and full of panic. She has a horrible trauma a few years ago and couldn’t really recover. When she discharged she was her old self again. Full of life. Thank you kinder for giving me my sister back.”
“Kinder in the Keys was a God send to me last summer as I was so worried about my daughter and this facility truly saved her life. As a mom, I felt helpless and was constantly worried about my beautiful daughter and her sons. She has been dealing with several emotional issues and it’s taken it’s toll on her family. We love her very much and it’s painful to watch her suffer. Kinder gave her hope. She works with her clients in a loving but firm environment and encourages clients to rebuild their self esteem.”
“I was very pleasantly surprised with this establishment. I was skeptical going in but quickly started learning tools to help me when I was at home and no longer in this environment. I am very grateful for Kinder in the Keys Inc., you ladies rock.”
“I am so happy I found Kinder in the Keys. I needed a facility that was only for women and was NOT dual diagnosis. I truly received transformative care at KIK. I left with the tools needed to not allow PTSD to become debilitating. Healing from trauma is a lot of work, but throughout my treatment I felt loved, supported, challenged and respected. “
“I am so happy I found Kinder in the Keys. I needed a facility that was only for women and was NOT dual diagnosis. I truly received transformative care at KIK. I left with the tools needed to not allow PTSD to become debilitating. Healing from trauma is a lot of work, but throughout my treatment I felt loved, supported, challenged and respected. “
“I went to Kinder in the Keys and am nothing but happy and content with my treatment. The work is hard but PTSD is harder. The staff is professional and challenging and that is exactly what I needed. The facility is small, which was a benefit as well because the treatment is very personalized.”
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Our Locations

Kinder in the Keys is a women-only residential treatment center located in the beautiful tropical paradise of Key Largo. Our inpatient program provides clients with a high-quality care environment to foster renewal, restoration, and healing. Our treatment center, located on Ocean Boulevard, with nearby access to the beautiful waters of the Florida Keys, offers a range of unique amenities and all for us to provide personalized care for our clients.

We understand and respect that the decision to seek treatment for mental health issues is not easy for our clients. The commitment to rebuild and restructure life is an intentional choice and one we deeply support. Our compassionate care team works 24/7 to create a safe and secure atmosphere that promotes reflection and recovery. As a partner, we work with clients to establish healthy routines, life skills and coping strategies that encourage independence.

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Insurance Partners

We will work with your insurance company to gather coverage information and help identify options to cover treatment costs at our inpatient mental health facility. While we are not in-network and do not accept Medicaid, Medi-Cal, TRICARE, or Medicare, we have relationships with several insurance partners, including:

  • Aetna
  • Assurant
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • Coventry
  • Health Net
  • Humana
  • United Healthcare Group
  • Value Options
  • WellPoint
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Certifications & Partners

Kinder in the Keys is a woman-owned business and is licensed by the State of Florida. As an inpatient mental health facility, we are also accredited by The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JACHO) with a Gold Seal of Approval® for Behavioral Health Care Accreditation.

To enhance our offerings with dolphin therapy, we partner with Island Dolphin Care. – due to COVID-19, the dolphin center is closed indefinitely.

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Kinder in The Keys works with most major insurance carriers. Get started on your wellness journey by verifying your insurance benefits below.

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