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Benefits of a Nonalcohol/Drug Treatment Center for PTSD

Dr. Laura Tanzini

Trauma recovery helps people live better lives. If you’ve experienced trauma in your life and live with PTSD symptoms, PTSD treatment facilities can help. Often, people suffering from anxiety, depression, or other symptoms from their trauma don’t know where to turn for help. They may want inpatient treatment but, when they do an internet search for PTSD treatment centers, end up getting directed to alcohol and drug treatment centers. Not everyone with PTSD has these issues. Unfortunately, some people decide to seek treatment from centers like these and end up not getting the help they need. If you’re in this situation, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of nonsubstance abuse treatment centers.

Focus on Underlying Psychological Issues

The first benefit of choosing a treatment facility for PTSD or other mental health issues only is that the programs offered focus on the core psychological symptoms. These symptoms are explored, and the correct support is given to promote true personal healing and growth.

Licensed PTSD Psychotherapists

Finding the appropriate help matters to your recovery. Whether the trauma is recent or it’s something that happened years ago, people only heal when they’re guided in the right direction. A common misunderstanding is that all licensed professional counselors are the same. This isn’t true at all. Like any profession, people specialize in different things. If you end up entering a substance abuse treatment center because you didn’t know any better, you’ll end up talking with counselors trained to treat addiction. PTSD is not an addiction. It’s a condition that happens after one has experienced something bad.

PTSD counselors understand that everyone’s trauma is different. They don’t judge, and they don’t minimize your trauma. If you choose a psychotherapist who doesn’t understand the nature of post-traumatic stress disorder, they could inadvertently minimize your experience and cause trauma all over again. This is not conducive to managing your symptoms. In fact, getting the wrong therapy could set you back significantly in the healing process.

Alternative Healing Options

Many PTSD treatment centers offer their patients alternative healing options that go beyond the traditional talk therapy options. These alternative options include things such as yoga and meditation practices, but might also include nutrition counseling, exercise training and programs, and spiritual guidance and practices. Some treatment centers even use therapy animals to assist their patients through their trauma recovery. It’s not your usual therapy animals either. Some treatment centers use dolphin-assisted therapy.

Outpatient Services

Not everyone needs or wants inpatient treatment. The benefits of most post-traumatic stress centers is that they offer a number of outpatient services. These services let people get the help they need without feeling stress or guilt about leaving work or family while they heal. Too often, people struggling with PTSD symptoms ignore their mental health because they don’t have the time to devote to a 30 or 90-day inpatient treatment program. Outpatient services fill this need.

Are you ready to find a treatment center to help you recover from your trauma? The best treatment facilities for PTSD are state-licensed and offer intensive, but caring, recovery programs and workshops. They offer a variety of treatment programs and do not require a person to have chemical dependency issues to receive this treatment. To learn more about trauma-informed treatment centers, contact Kinder in the Keys, Inc.