Cassy Dorvilier

MA, MHC, Registered Mental Health Therapist
12+ years of experience

Cassy’s journey started in Probation with adolescents, Social services and working with children of all ages with behavioral issues and misplaced from their families. Cassy holds a Masters in Mental Health Counseling and has been EMDR trained. She has worked with children and adults suffering with Mental Health disorders such as depression, ADHD, Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive disorder, borderline personality disorders, explosive behavior, schizophrenic, and more. Cassy has an existential approach to clients and a heart to encourage those to think outside the box. “I have always dealt with one or more mental health disorders in my lifetime and continue to encourage those to fight for themselves and do the work that is intended to Defeat Difficulties and maintain a functional daily living. My heart has been to listen and assist guidance to others.”

Her goal in life is to encourage the out of box thinking, the mentality of not fitting in the bubble, and increasing creative being. Cassy believes that every one person was created for a specific purpose which can never be too small or too big. Her passion for the well being and beauty of others has ignited a mission to develop the individual into a purpose driven self. Her vision is to see every individual find purpose and meaning in their existence. This is done through intimate conversations, sharing experiences, and living in the realm of endless possibilities and miraculous events on a consistent basis. An experience is just that, a unique unconventional experience that removes the limits and expands the realms of what their true reality is.

Support Staff

Our support staff play a key role in the physical and mental well-being of clients. Team members are responsible for an array of program support aspects and direct care of clients throughout their treatment.

Transition and Reintegration Team

Our reintegration team keeps clients focused on a successful path once they return home. We firmly believe that follow-up, accountability and aftercare are all pivotal pieces to the recovery process. Our program is designed to guide and lift-up clients once they leave our mental health facility, exemplified through our support coaches who partner with clients on their recovery.