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Alexis Scanlon

6 years experience
Integrative Health Coach, Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor,
CrossFit Level 1 Coach Bachelors of Science in Alternative Medicine

Her background in concrete coaching techniques and differentiated dietary theories informs her mindful but diverse approach. Alexis has an aspiration to continuously learn about new holistic approaches and considers herself as a “lifelong learner,” building on her academic foundations in alternative medicine and naturopathy. Some of her accomplishments backing her program have been helping clients fully transition their entire lives and sticking to it! Her passion and knowledge have led her to implement a strategic program to ensure a well-balanced life for clients. Alexis assures that through a mindful approach combining diet, lifestyle and meditation is one avenue to your lasting success at Kinder in The Keys.

Support Staff

Our support staff play a key role in the physical and mental well-being of clients. Team members are responsible for an array of program support aspects and direct care of clients throughout their treatment.

Transition and Reintegration Team

Our reintegration team keeps clients focused on a successful path once they return home. We firmly believe that follow-up, accountability and aftercare are all pivotal pieces to the recovery process. Our program is designed to guide and lift-up clients once they leave our mental health facility, exemplified through our support coaches who partner with clients on their recovery.