Kinder in The Keys Featured in Key’s Weekly

Dr. Laura Tanzini

With the increased awareness on mental health, a recent visit to Kinder in the Keys became an enlightening experience to learn more about this incredible private women’s residential treatment center located in Key Largo.

Kinder (KIND) celebrated its third anniversary this past summer. Kinder offers non-substance disorders women the opportunity to heal from their trauma in a relaxing holistic environment. Treatments can be based around anxiety, eating disorders, PTSD, depression, grief or childhood trauma, as a few examples.

The facility treats six women maximum at a time and offers various levels of care, from residential to partial hospitalization. The average stay is four to six weeks. Women’s ages can be between 18 and older, and they come from all over the U.S. The demographic mix of women helps the healing process as they share semi-private rooms and are on structured schedules that do not allow for outside influences.

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Author Bio

Dr. Laura Tanzini, DrPh, MA, MFT

Dr. Laura Tanzini is a highly educated and accomplished professional with a background in biology and psychology. She received a BS in Biology from UC Riverside, an MA in psychology from Phillips Graduate Institute, and a Doctorate in Public Health with a specialty in Lifestyle Medicine from Loma Linda University.

Dr. Laura Tanzini is a Board Certified Professional Counselor, Integrative Medicine Clinician, and PTSD Clinician. She has worked in multiple medical hospitals, mental health institutions, and inpatient eating disorder clinics. Also, Dr. Tanzini has written scholarly papers and spoken on various topics related to nutrition, stress, menopause, obesity, depression, anxiety, and human development.