As a luxury mental health facility in Florida, our top priority is creating an atmosphere that promotes healing and renewal for every woman who walks in our door. Rooted in a triangular treatment philosophy – addressing physical, mental and emotional well-being – our mental health facility helps clients establish healthy routines. Our holistic care approach includes amenities at our Key Largo facilities like emotional animal support therapies, organic non-GMO garden to table meals, water aerobics, meditation, music and art therapies.


Located in the beautiful tropical paradise of Key Largo, we provide luxurious at-home living accommodations for women desiring an environment that fosters renewal, restoration, and healing. Our proximity to water plays a significant role in our healing process allowing for dolphin therapy and activities like paddleboarding, boating, and other water sports. Every client has unique needs, and we feel our robust offerings can accommodate every woman’s journey.

Luxury Meets Intention

Running a luxury mental health facility in Florida extends beyond fresh linens and ocean-air. It includes a range of intentional and impactful offerings to foster self-esteem and introspection. Kinder in the Keys provides specialized amenities as part of its treatment programming to help women stretch themselves as part of their recovery process.

No matter the duration of stay, our goal is to engage clients in a range of therapies to enable self discovery and acceptance.

Organic Gardens

The road to recovery is about sustaining your mind, body and soul. Our organic garden allows clients to extend their experience to nurture and grow plants and food as a connection point. The hard work and tutelage associated with gardening parallels the dedication and diligence tied to personal recovery.

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There is a lightness that comes with water; a heaviness that is lifted upon entry. We see water therapy as a way for clients to free their burdens and focus their energy on regaining strength.

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Water Aerobics & Cross Fit

Strong bodies support healthy, sound minds. Water aerobics is an ideal resistance training exercise for women of all ages that combines physical engagement with music for an enjoyable experience. Cross-fit provides a healthy outlet that can help reduce stress, improve sleep and release endorphins. Offered as a group activity, it also promotes socialization and engagement. 

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Dolphin Therapy

Note: Due to COVID-19, the dolphin center is closed indefinitely.

Dolphins are friendly and intelligent mammals that solicit a cheerfulness with their presence. Due to Kinder in the Key’s proximity to water, dolphin therapy is a special offering of the luxury mental health facility. The playful and relaxed sessions with dolphins are an effective resource to treat those suffering from PTSD and related trauma experiences.

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Music, Art & Sand Therapy

Creative therapies help increase emotional expression without the distress that may come from discussing traumatic experiences. Music, Art and Sand Tray therapy provide therapeutic release for women managing life changes, aggression, depression, grief, self-esteem challenges, anxiety and crisis. The approach offers an emotional release when verbalization is challenging. 

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Chartered Boats Excursions

Water carries an innate healing power and sense of calm. Access to the ocean means opportunities to charter boats for clients, allowing them a dose of vitamin D, ocean views and fresh air to clear the mind. Limited Offering
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Meditation & Hammock Garden

Creating space for mindfulness and relaxation is central to the healing process. Our hammock garden provides a quiet and peaceful setting to enjoy the outdoors and calmness of the nearby ocean. Soothing sounds and the lulling rhythm of hammocks can reduce stress and promote serenity. 

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Ocean Access

Spending time on the water can help support your mental health. The fresh air in your hair and sun on your face all contribute to a sense of relaxation and serenity. Ocean access and adventures such as snorkeling help you decompress.

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Water Sports

Finding outlets to release tension, frustration and angst is a critical part of the healing process. Water sports are a fun and safe outlet for clients to unleash feelings in a comfortable way while also enjoying some much-needed physical activity.

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An ancient practice that unites body and mind, Yoga includes poses, breathing exercises and meditation that can minimize stress and anxiety. Our yoga classes can help treat anxiety by having clients increase strength and find balance for a healthy lifestyle.

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Our housekeeping team maintains a comfortable, safe and clean environment for clients by administering all of the newest safety protocols. Clients are responsible for their personal laundry and keeping their personal area neat and organized.

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As a holistic treatment facility, we approach the personal growth process as a comprehensive journey into self and identity. Verify your benefits to get started.

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We have an innate understanding of the spectrum of women’s mental health needs.

We specialize in trauma recovery, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other mental health-related challenges.

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