The moment a woman walks into our private mental health facility, she begins her healing process. 

Our triangular treatment philosophy is just one of our many differentiators as the only residential mental health facility in Florida specifically designed for women.
Kinder in The Keys is a non-substance abuse treatment center, we view the road to renewal and restoration as interconnected to cognitive, physical and emotional exploration. Together, these apexes unite to create a specialized care path.


We understand that each woman’s background is special and leverage a variety of healing therapies to rebuild self-esteem through female support.

We understand that each woman’s background is special and leverage a variety of healing therapies to rebuild self-esteem through female support.

As founder Dr. Laura shares “Our team supports women experiencing PTSD, Anxiety, Trauma and Depression through a variety of modalities and amenities. From healthy organic meals to emotional animal support therapies to yoga and therapy, our goal is to engage the mind, body and soul.” For clients, learning to manage

long-term mental wellness is an ongoing commitment. We provide the support, tools and coping skills to discover the underlying causes of mental health disorders and chart the best road to recovery. As a holistic treatment facility, we approach the personal growth process as a comprehensive journey into self and identity. By investing in each individual at Kinder in The Keys, we work to move through pain and grief to achieve inner peace, growth and joy.

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Personalized Attention at Kinder in The Keys

We believe in the power of connection and the healing that comes from personalized attention. From our private accommodations to specialized amenities, we customize our care treatments to help women along their renewal process. Limited admissions enable our team of caregivers to closely monitor and support clients during their recovery journey. Through this intimate setting, we are able to deliver high quality service and support.

Non-Drug and Alcohol

In addition to being a residential mental health facility in Florida, Kinder in the Keys is one of the only non-dual diagnosis treatment centers in the country. This allows us to focus our services and support clients through our apex of treating the mind, body and soul. Our treatments are based on industry research in lifestyle medicine and psychotherapeutic modalities to address long-term mental wellness. We provide the environment, tools and resources to help women in recovery create breakthroughs.

Women Only

Comfort, security, and serenity are guideposts for Kinder in the Keys. We believe that women have the power to lift each other, and we’ve witnessed the remarkable outcomes from female support. No matter your age, background, culture–there is an innate and special bond with women. A sense of multigenerational wisdom and empowerment flows freely at our residential mental health facility in Florida. Having a shared sense of purpose and leaning on one another is pivotal in the healing process.

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We focus on an integrated approach that connects clinical, medical and wellness professionals with clients.

To be the best mental health facility, we employ a number of diverse professionals who bring experience and empathy to every client interaction.

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Our Accreditation

Identifying the right mental health facility for you or your loved one takes careful consideration. A critical factor to include in your selection process is accreditation. Kinder in the Keys is accredited by the State of Florida and by The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JACHO) with a Gold Seal of Approval®  for Behavioral Health Care Accreditation.

JACHO Seal - The Joint Commission
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Healing beyond our walls.

At Kinder in the Keys, the healing process doesn’t end once clients complete on-premise treatment. Our services are structured to provide a lifeline and support system for healthy and balanced lifestyles. We provide educational groups and psychoeducation for families to walk through mental health diagnoses, medication management and helpful strategies. We believe that your journey continues once you step outside our doors and are committed to your long-term success.

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